SBDC Company Policies


Once a dancer is accepted into the “Company”, all class offerings for their particular group are mandatory. We expect dancers to make their best effort to attend all ballet, contemporary, jazz and acro classes.


Placement in classes is left to the discretion of Company Instructors. If Company Instructors feel that your dancer is placed incorrectly, we will adjust their class level. Our goal is to place students in the most appropriate classes where they will be able to gain knowledge and a strong dance foundation.

“+ Plus” LEVEL

SBDC faculty will be making decisions regarding “+ Plus” dancers after the first 4 weeks of technique classes. Dancers showing exemplary work ethic and improvement may be asked to dance “up” a level in addition to their own level classes. Company dancers can be given this opportunity where their own personal strengths lie, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.


We appreciate early arrival so that the students are mentally and physically prepared for their dance class. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late, it is up to the discretion of the teacher if they are able to participate in the class. If late arrival is over 20 minutes, the dancer must sit and watch the class. If you have a specific function and must be late, please notify Mrs. Heather via email or text.


If you are going to miss rehearsal for any reason other than an emergency you must let the Director know ASAP. If you miss more than 4 rehearsals your spot in that dance will be given to another dancer. It is very important to the group as a whole for each dancer to make every rehearsal.